Apple Cider Vinegar…gets Rid Of Pimples, Age Spots And More!!

So this is my video on Apple Cider Vinegar. I was surprised to find that it had so many “healing” qualities. If you want more info check out It apparantly has a LOT more uses than just what I talked about in this video. But if I talked about everything I would have like 2 hours worth of video!! lol.


  • Great video. Apple cider vinegar rocks!

  • Let's go momma junk removal Jacksonville fl

    (December 30, 2013 - 3:30 am)

    Thanks. This video was very helpful and you are very well spoken.

  • So I have a generic brand of acv, and I believe it’s pasteurized although it doesn’t specify on the bottle. All I know is it isn’t cloudy and there is no mother in it like the raw brands. So, does anyone know if that means it is completely worthless as far as health benefits go? Or is it ok for some things?

  • This is good info girl but to get the best results you need to use a brand with the mother in it. Look it up you may actually know by now though. I just used it to cure my daughters ring worm along with coconut oil and raw honey. I also used these 3 to fix strep throat!

  • Thank you for the info 🙂 and you are beautiful!!

  • Turkish Treasure Box

    (March 13, 2014 - 5:14 am)

    A delicious way to take ACV is
    1.5 cups of warm water,
    1-2 TBS. ACV,
    1-2 TBS. of Fresh Lemon Juice,
    2 TBS. of Raw Honey
    and a dash or so of Ground Cinnamon. 
    You may have to experiment with the amounts of the ingredients, to find a blend that is suitable to your taste, but I find it really delicious, almost like a very flavorful tea.  **Another note, the first time I tried ACV, I thought it was not so good, but you soon get used to it.  I think it’s great! 
    Thank you for posting this video!! 🙂

  • I’ve recently got rid of some mild acne and was left with small pink marks on my face. I’m going to try it on my marks, I feel that if it works for age/sun spots then it will probably work to lighten those marks too. After all they’re both caused by the pigment in our skin, and are a type of hyperpigmentation.

  • You should only use Braggs unfiltered apple cider vinegar not Heinz.  Don’t put Heinz on you face!

  • I think you would be really happy to try the Braggs brand apple cider vinegar.  It is organic, and has all the properties that make it such a wonder cider.  Thank you for the video!

  • You should use Braggs Organic that also Includes “the mother”.
    You will get even better results.

  • Pretty girl… your skin is beautiful. Thanks for the info!

  • Killuminatisx blupp

    (November 30, 2014 - 12:03 am)

    I’ve been using braggs apple cider vinegar for a couple of weeks and it does really help. Like my skin looks much better etc but I still get acne once in a while.. :/

  • This lady is awesome. She has a lot of great ideas!

  • Helena Monique Clarke

    (October 2, 2015 - 3:28 pm)

    Do not use apple cider vinegar on non- teen age skin. If you are older or have history of more exposure to sun, you can end up revealing all the damage lurking beneath your surface skin that would have taken years to show up. I went from having nearly flawless skin to having massive patches of exposed sun damage in about a month. DO NOT DO IT!! See a dermatologist.

  • Hi, can I take it in the morning on an empty stomach?

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