About Us

Our site is all about health, nutrition and beauty. In fact, that’s where our site name comes from. In Hawaiian (the language of Hawaii) the word huna means hidden secret, and ola means health or life. Which is why our site is called olahuna.com – it’s all about the hidden secrets of a healthy life.

It also stems from the fact that my name is Ola too! 🙂

The idea of the ‘secrets’ to a healthy life being ‘hidden’ is a little tongue in cheek. Because most of us already know how to live a healthy life. Eat well, live well, be nice to people, love, smile and laugh a lot — and that pretty much covers it.

Of course there are some more subtle finer details when you break these things down, and that’s what I want to share with the world here. So whether it’s tips on skincare, delicious recipes or ways to improve the way you eat – it all comes back to feeling good and living well.

So hopefully you will enjoy your visit to our site, and will find something you love and can share with others too.

Thanks for being here,

Ola x