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Why has the health and beauty industry become so complicated? Why do we need so much information, and so many products?

Sometimes simple is better, and life really should be simpler 🙂

Sensible Stress Free Nutrition & Healthy Eating

healthy fruit

Nutrition is complicated, and trying to eat healthily has become a minefield of advice that changes daily!

But it really doesn’t need to be this difficult ?

You can pretty much sum up healthy eating in one short sentence: Eat a broad range of fresh foods.

If you genuinely just do that then you’re far ahead of a lot of people.

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Sun Spots & Getting Rid Of Them

Woman in hat avoiding sun

Sun spots are technically known as ‘solar lentigines’ – sounds fancy, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying 🙂

They are basically well-defined changes in the pigment or texture of skin, that appear as uniformly colored areas of brown, gray, or black skin. They are also commonly referred to as liver spots or age spots. They can can be a real nuisance to deal with and may appear on the hands, face, neck, shoulder, arms, as well as your back and chest. These areas of darker colored skin are not caused by age but are a direct result of the damaging effects of sun exposure. Yikes!

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