How I Removed My Dark Spots Using Coconut Oil – Get Flawless Skin Fast Naturally!

Real testimony! After using this method all the ugly dark spots and black spots are gone! So simple and convenient! “Coconut Cures” is a book containing rich information about the amazing therapeutic effect of coconut oil based on real testimonies. According to this book, coconut oil can be used to remove age spots and even moles. In this book, there are people who testify that daily rubbing of coconut oil on the face cause the age spots to fade away after a few months.

The book’s author testified that his wife rubbed coconut oil on her mole every few hours with perseverance. After few months it dropped by itself. After that, a man testified online that after applying the book’s method, he managed to fix two bulging spots on his body which cropped up just a few years ago. He rubbed the spots with coconut oil, and also applied poultice of coconut oil on the spots by fastening it with porous adhesive tape. After 1 month, one of the spots shrunk while the other one also became less visible.Another 53 year-old woman testified that after using the coconut oil for 3 months, her skin showed much less wrinkles and became much more lustrous and tender.

Besides removing age spots and wrinkles, coconut oil has a lot more other benefits. It acts as laxative to ease the bowel movement. People suffering from constipation can take 1 tea-spoon of coconut oil after meal to ease the bowel movement and helps to remove body toxin. After this cleansing the body will be able to absorb nutrients more efficiently thereby causing the skin to appear more lustrous and gives a person a healthy look.

Nourishing the stomach and destroying the bacteria. People with weak body resistance and who catch cold easily can add some coconut oil to raw vegetable salad or fruit. This can help not only to strengthen their body resistance against disease but also to enhance their stomach-intestine function.

Remove pregnancy stretch marks. Use one spoon of coconut oil to gently rub on the stretch marks. If it is done persistently the stretch marks will fade away soon. To lessen white hair and reduce hair fall. Everyday before washing your hair use coconut oil to massage the scalp. Wash it away after 1 hour. This will nurture your scalp and hair, thereby lessen the white hair and reduce hair fall. It can prevent balding too.

Coconut Oil As Makeup Remover. Daub 2 drops of coconut oil on a piece of cotton wool to remove makeup, including the nasty water-proof colour stains. Coconut oil does not contain preservatives and chemicals and is definitely safer than the cosmetic remover sold in the market.

Prevent Alzheimer disease and dementia. According to research, Alzheimer disease is due to insulin imbalance. This imbalance can block the brain tissues from absorbing glucose. Without adequate supply of glucose, brain tissues will die off. This glucose is definitely not the glucose that we buy from the shop. The substitute nutrient of brain tissues is ketone. Coconut oil contains triglycerides which after being ingested by the body will be metabolised by the liver to become ketone. This ketone is the substitute nutrient for brain tissues! Hence, coconut oil can effectively prevent Alzheimer disease!

Lighten scars. Everyday rub coconut oil on the scars. If this is augmented by massaging on the scars the effect will even be better. This is applicable to all kinds of scars. The most important thing to bear in mind is persistence. Do it daily and you will see the result sooner. Your acne marks and acne marks on face will fade totally.

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