The 411 On Freckles And Age Spots (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Both freckles and age spots appear because of the sun’s rays. But, one of them only shows up when you’re older. Which do you think it is? Watch this video to learn more.


  • @UtubeAnnaBanana your not born with freckles, or they would be called birthmarks. And yes, it is due to sun exposure.

    (educated girl with many freckles)

  • yeah freckles rule!!!

  • I hate my freckles so bad how to I get rid of them or at least make them fade a lil plz I’m desperate

  • I find freckles very cute.

  • Freckles look sexy , im getting horny when i see some girl with freckles , even when i see it on the face of a child ,only that ‘s a problem i think , i can not help it , im not a pedo , im just getting horny because off deeing freckles on any girls face

  • Cute? How on Earth are freckles cute? I have them and I am defiantly not ”cute” And I’m not talking about a little I’m talking head to toes big massive freckles.

  • i like freckles i wish i had more 🙂

  • I heard that freckles are pieces of a shattered soul. This is why gingers have so many of them

  • i have that to but my classmate accept me i got a 7 gf already

  • Freckles = melanin, normal. Age spots= LIPOFUSCIN ,lipofuscin is oxidized lipids (fat) and can be removed with DMAE (health food store) Why this wrong info video, I do not know. Lipofuscin also occurs inside, on nerve tissue and brain. As you age your brain gets age spots. Take DMAE damnit. And wear labradorite crystals.

  • I’m Irish and i have loadss. I’m very pale and never get tanned just my freckles get darker its really annoying :/

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