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3 Best Yoga Poses for a Lean, Healthier & Limber Body

Can you do yoga? With many subjects, the answer is probably “yes” or “almost.” But what if you only have a few minutes to spare each day? You can find workout moves on how to blast fat in five-minutes, but what about actual yoga poses you could do in five-minutes? So I’m going to share ... [ Continue Reading...]


High Protein Superfood Hot Chocolate (Chococino)

This is not the first of my hot chocolates, but I feel it will be my last. You can easily blend the raw cacao powder into hemp seed milk, and I love the particular richness and thickness you get from the cacao and hemp seeds. Plus, I add teeccino, so there is an extra chocolate taste. The ... [ Continue Reading...]


MMA Workout: How to Train + Be Fit Like a Fighter

Have you ever been to a MMA fight and said, “MMA fighters look shredded… but how can I possibly train like them and gain that level of stamina, endurance, flexibility and strength?” I have. Luckily, I don’t have to wonder too much because I have invited Nate Moore, an American mixed martial ... [ Continue Reading...]


The SuperCharger™ Green Smoothie Recipe

Here goes, you’re going to love this SuperCharger Green Smoothie. This smoothie can be rustled up in a matter of moments – only a few minutes of preparation time. This is a simpler and sweeter version of most green smoothies out there, and I promise… it will *activate* your digestive system in ... [ Continue Reading...]


Is High Fat, High Protein the Best Way to Boost Productivity and Health? (Interview with Dr. Pam Popper – Part 2)

Is the call for a low-carb diet that embraces fat the best way to health and instant productivity? And, can we ever have too much protein? Especially when it comes having meat and eggs 3x a day, 7-days a week and cutting down carbs? This time around, we're back with Dr. Pam Popper to ... [ Continue Reading...]


5 Best Ways to Cook Vegetables & Double the Benefits (Interview with Katie Mae, Part 4)

What’s the biggest difference between someone with a six-pack ab and someone with a four-pack ab? (For the record, I think a four-pack is perfectly fine, but some of you may wonder why your six-pack isn't coming out to play, why there's a layer of fat/"bloat" on top of your muscles, which is what ... [ Continue Reading...]