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Tangerines: The Most Overlooked Fruit Over Chinese New Year?

Yes the “New Year” is over. Bad News: The New Year isn’t starting off quite as well as you had hoped - getting sick, bad work days... And those big dreams of getting a six-pack, starting this year with renewed energy and health are starting to fade :( Good News: There's CHINESE NEW ... [ Continue Reading...]


Is Gluten the Villain We Have Made It To Be? (Interview with Katie Mae, Part 2)

Have you ever found yourself ordering gluten-free food, but also having no idea why you’re going gluten-free? I’ve seen it a lot. If you're going to a decent restaurant that have various gluten-free options available, you can get away with it. But in other cases, you really can’t get away ... [ Continue Reading...]


Probiotic and Vegan Supplements: An Insider’s Guide on What to Take (Interview with Dr. Michael Greger Part 4)

  Compared to the ways many fitness guru and celebrities workout, taking supplements is relatively simple: pop the pills, eat them … and then keep doing that for whatever results you want to achieve. Of course, the idea is very different from the execution – and taking the right ... [ Continue Reading...]


New Year Resolution: Fix Your Morning Routine for a 24-Hour Energy Boost

Yes…. most New Year’s “resolutions” end in failure, at least from what I’ve seen so far. They are either too general (“I want to be fitter!”) or they require too much hard work that takes sheer willpower and effort versus pleasure (i.e. six-pack ab in one-month while working 70-hour weeks and ... [ Continue Reading...]


Got New Year Resolutions For Weight Loss? Check out this 2014 Recap

As 2014 is almost over, I thought I should wrap things up by recapping a few key points on 5 controversial questions many of you may have, especially since many of you maybe planning your new year resolutions. I’ve churned out quite a bit of content this year, and I figured some of you may have ... [ Continue Reading...]


The SOS-Free Diet (Salt, Sugar and Oil-Free): Best Way To Lose Weight In the New Year? (Interview with Katie Mae, Part 1)

Sweat. Persistence. DOMs! You were certain your six-pack would come back to play by New Year. After all, you followed a strict workout and diet regime in the last 6 months. The Judgement Day comes… You even wore your best set of clothes (or lack thereof). As you eagerly lifted ... [ Continue Reading...]