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Announcement: A Chance To Meet Me & Upcoming Surprise

How’s it going? I hope you're finding our Simple Health Blueprint and our materials very helpful - we put months of time and effort into it, because we really wanted to make our website a quantum leap forward... And give you the best resources around to bring your six-pack out to play ... [ Continue Reading...]


Insulin Resistance: Why You Can’t Drop Body Fat For Good (Interview with Dr. Christopher Gardner from Stanford University)

You may be following workout routines and exercising 7X a week 2 hours a day, counting calories religiously in an attempt to blast your belly fat. While your six-pack maybe coming out to play ;) , what if you could burn fat 2x as fast with half the efforts? To investigate into this issue, we ... [ Continue Reading...]


4 Easy Ways to Eat Less Meat (And the Healthiest Meat?) – Interview with Katie Mae, Part 3

Out of all the articles I’ve published, the one that generated the most controversy – by far – was the one on low-carb versus low-fat on weight loss. No one could agree on the healthiest diet, whether or not you should eat meat, or even details such as how much avocados you can eat, if at ... [ Continue Reading...]


How to Boost Your Energy Instantly & Double Your Productivity (Interview with Dr. Pam Popper – Part 1)

Everywhere I go, I hear people say "carbs are evil!" "I'm cutting carbs to lose weight." While some of you may have lost weight on a low-carb diet, I've had quite a few people tell me that they lacked energy when they cut out carbs from their diet completely (By the way, this also means very ... [ Continue Reading...]

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Is a Raw Food Diet Always Better? (Deliciously Playful Lana Episode 3 – Full Interview with Dr. Michael Greger)

"All cooked foods are unhealthy. All cooked foods are bad." "But... why? I love my steamed broccoli!” (Seriously?! ... unless you're sculpting your shredded six pack abs ;) )  “You don’t understand. Cooked foods are poisonous. To obtain the "purest form" of health, you need to go on a 100% raw ... [ Continue Reading...]


Energizing Cacao, Kale, Acai Berry Smoothie Recipe For Sore Muscles

This bowl is fabulously easy, fabulously quick and everything can be bought at a health food store in your lunch hour. I love this recipe because it is packed with the most nutritious superfoods you can think of: Acai berry and kale. The slighty tangy taste of the acai berry is met with the ... [ Continue Reading...]