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9 Natural Tips to Avoid the Dreaded Winter Flu

The Dreaded Flu. It doesn't exactly get a great reputation. “Stay away from me!” is probably most people’s reaction, when you cough in a public place. Just as you've had enough of people deliberately avoiding you in the public when you're trying to get through your daily routine (Why aren't ... [ Continue Reading...]


Can You Reduce Muscle Soreness and Gain Muscle Without Supplements? Interview with Dr. Michael Greger (Part 2)

“Oooouch!” Here we go again: the dreaded post-workout soreness (a.k.a. delayed onset muscle soreness, also known as DOMS.) Yes, your butt (i.e. your gluteus maximus muscle) is so sore and hurts like you've just been run over by a truck … just as you were about to sit on the toilet ... [ Continue Reading...]


80/10/10 Interview: One Simple Tactic to Stop Food Cravings, Without Starving or Over-Exercising (Part 4)

Last time around, we talked about the best foods to boost athletic performance, how to cut down fat and recover twice as fast from workouts, and why it is impossible to get too much sugar from fruit. Today, I'd like to dive deeper into the topic that many people dread: Cravings. Yes, we have a ... [ Continue Reading...]


Detoxifiying Kimchi Mayo Kale Salad (This makes bitter kale tastes oh so delicious!)

It has been a while since I last published a recipe so I've decided to surprise you all with one sweet, spicy and luscious one, especially in celebration of National Kale Day and World Vegetarian Day. And this time, yes we're going to feature kale... again. Since kale has, and will always be ... [ Continue Reading...]


Can you still be spiritual if you eat meat, dairy and eggs? A Conversation with World Renowned Psychic, Ainslie MacLeod

Does veganism sound boring and rigid to you? But it can definitely push you to miss your cheese – or at the very least, think about your ice cream as you nibble on your kale chips (Yes, this happened to me once). If that’s you, veganism is probably not for you, yet. But, you might still ... [ Continue Reading...]

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Can You Reverse Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Cancer Just by Changing What You Eat? Interview with Dr. Michael Greger (Part 1)

Destiny or Free Will: Are we predestined to die or suffer from our genetic disease? Can we actually prevent the big C from happening in our lives? What about heart attack, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and so on? What if, we can alter our genetic expression and bring out the best in our ... [ Continue Reading...]