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How to Stay Lean and Fit Without Counting Calories

Does the thought of counting every single calorie you eat sound daunting to you? Whoops…you just ate 20 calories more than what you need, so you rush to the gym in hopes of burning those extra calories you ate. You run as fast as you can, like a little hamster running on a wheel... on steroids!  ... [ Continue Reading...]


How to Satisfy Your Cravings on a Healthy Plant-Based Diet

Wait, why would you ever want to do this? Cut down meat? Forget it. “Where do you get your protein and calcium? ” “What about… cheese?” “YOU NEED MORE MEAT!” Isn’t a plant-based diet the equivalent of unhealthy extremism and deprivation (i.e. just a few steamed peas for ... [ Continue Reading...]


80/10/10: Cut Down Fat and Recover Twice as Fast from Workouts? (Part 2)

As the Woodstock Fruit Festival is going on in New York, you may wonder... aren't people who only eat raw fruit and greens extremists? How can you survive, let alone thrive and be a top athlete, just on raw fruit and vegetables alone (a.k.a. are you nutters?) If you are still reading, chances ... [ Continue Reading...]


80/10/10: The Hottest and Most Overlooked Diet For Athletes? (Part 1)

Maybe you’re constipated going on a high fat diet (too much animal protein, my friend). Maybe you’ve tried veganism, or even raw veganism, and you didn’t stick with it. Maybe you got fat being vegan. Maybe you just want to recover faster from your grueling workout, and burn more ... [ Continue Reading...]


10 Simple Summer Detox Tips, Without Starving Yourself

Many of you may feel naughty after your summer vacation chilling on a beach sipping Piña colada, making lots of love, and doing nothing. Your regular gym routine? Forget about it (for now). You’re too busy staring at beautiful bodies and playing in the sun on the beach. After all, you’ve done ... [ Continue Reading...]


4 Surprising Ingredients To Avoid When Choosing an Energy Bar

As summer is here, many of you will be traveling. And it is crucial to travel with healthy snacks, especially when you're on the plane, given the lack of healthy food options available. One of the easiest ways to obtain your optimal nutrition when you're on the run (when you don't have access to ... [ Continue Reading...]